Creative play session, plaster casting surfaces on the beach
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Artist Collective

FL:EDGE is a collective of artists, activists and professional cultural organisers who make ways for Art and Culture to happen in wild and wonderful places, so that powerful ideas can take flight. 

In each other as a team of four, we have found a way to support our own practices through creative play sessions and as a sounding board for projects, challenges and direction. We are still very much sprouting our feathers, but keep an eye out for future flights via our website.

You can also hear us on our first Radio Interview for Radio 4's "Open Country" programme.

Creative Play Session - Jura Village Hall

Sunday the 11th of August saw FL:EDGE and CHArts collaborate in delivering a 'Play' Session for the creative cohort of Jura. Facilitated by Sarah Longfield and supported by CHArts, the session was all about getting inspired and energised again through a variety of making and documenting exercises. It's all too easy to get into a funk and not give ourselves the time and space to mess around and try out new things, and by the end of the day, our 12 attendees felt that they had managed to do just that.





Writers, scupltors, designers, architects, crafters, creative thinkers, musicians - members of the Jura community - had the space, time and freedom to create responsively to objects, themes and communication. We transformed paperclips into jewellery and therapeutic practice; we constructed through dance; we observed through the lens of humour; we told stories with open endings.

We connected as a group, but also reconnected with our creative selves. A place like Jura is, of course, wonderfully inspiring in its own right - but school runs, day jobs, laundry and grocery shopping still play a part in the Island life. For these 6 hours, the monotony of the daily grind didn't exist for a while. A quietly powerful pocket of time. 

Photo Credits to Giles Perring and Gini Dickinson