- Living in a state of nature

Two pals with some decent arty backgrounds, five beautifully chaotic workshops with five blossoming young Jura artists, a million(ish) dynamic ideas, only one wee spilled pot of pink ink and an exhibition of electric proportions…


Art Club was born out of some very excitable exchanges between Amy Finds and Ginibeanifairy, funding from Jura Juniors and the hospitality of Small Isles Primary School. Our aim was simply to provide a space that kids who liked art could explore and create without any expectations, other than to have fun.


We think we managed it.














We all started off by bringing in a found object. Between us all, we had: a chipped pottery piece, a shard of slate, a golden casio watch face, a tumbled knot of driftwood, a big ol’ gamekeepers set of keys, a twinkly disco bauble and a funny wee tubular plastic thing. In fact, it was really quite irrelevant what the found thing was - we wanted to explore textures, smells, origins, stories, colours and sounds.


We explored and made marks with our wrong hands, blindly, without lifting the pen off the paper, with little dots, with different mark making utensils at the same time. We explored with swishing willow sticks, with the imagination part of our brains, with the stickiest strips of papier mache and the silkiest of inky washes. We plucked buzz words from our sketches and built up colour palettes that whispered stories. 

Our exhibition theme was, simply, "Wildness". Capturing not only the essence of living on an island, but the ways that the environment shaped our found objects. Of course,"Wildness" also applied to the very nature of the art club itself - a blurry whirl of madness on a Wednesday afternoon.


Until next time! 

Amy & Gini 

Fantastic afternoon colouring our sculpt
Sculpture week! The kids worked from the
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